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As the UK energy market grows more complex, the independent advice offered by energy brokers and consultants helps many energy buyers find the right contract for their business.

We’ve grown to be the largest supplier of power to British business thanks to the support of many of the UK’s largest energy brokers and consultants. So to give something back we joined the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA), a trade body for energy brokers. We actively support it in its aim of improving the professional image of the sector and work as a Supplier Member on the UIA Council.

Who we work with

To protect our reputation with customers, we only work with energy brokers that meet our high standards, and have undertaken our pre-vetting process. We put written Agreements in place to ensure our mutual expectations and responsibilities are clear. We work best with brokers that have a sizeable client base, consisting mainly of half hourly sites, or large groups of non-half hourly sites.

A good service for you

To ensure a smooth working relationship, we’ve set up a specialist sales team dedicated to brokers. We assign you a Contract Manager to manage your client’s quotations and a Relationship Manager support the development of our working practices. We run dedicated events and publish regular newsletters to keep you informed about changes in the market and our business. And of course, commission payments are processed efficiently.

A good service for your clients

  • We meet the energy buying requirements for businesses of all shapes and sizes with a wide range of energy contracts
  • Our time saving account management services can help customers simplify their account administration
  • Our energy saving services can help businesses reduce their environmental impact