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We like to work closely with our large business customers to help them find better ways to buy, administer and save their energy.

Walking the talk

That's the talk, here's the walk - a few examples of us putting these promises into practice. We hope you find them interesting. Inspiring even.

Saving energy in power hungry processes

Controlling your energy consumption and making those vital carbon savings is especially challenging if the nature of your business involves energy intensive processes (and you're already a pretty efficient energy user). We helped one such manufacturer, SAFRAN Group, save 2,193 tonnes (and counting) of CO2 emissions, which would have otherwise required over 175,000 trees to offset. Read more

A flexible approach to energy buying

Energy price volatility is a headache for many energy buyers. Enjoying year-on-year savings from falling wholesale energy costs can lead to difficult conversations with 'the fat controller' when the trend reverses. Here's some advice on using flexible contracts from Tesco, the UK's largest supermarket chain. Read more

A smarter approach to sustainability

The business case behind AMR meters is strong. Rising energy costs and the obligation to reduce carbon emissions mean that you need more insight and control over your usage than ever before. T-Mobile installed 6,000 meters and has never looked back. Read more

Changing staff behaviour - turning them green

We helped Morrisons, Britain's fourth largest supermarket chain, bring the message of energy efficiency and carbon emissions to life for their staff by holding an educational and interactive Energy Efficiency Day on site.. Read more