19 Jul 18
Hinkley Point C

South West contracts for Hinkley Point C top £1.3bn

  • New figures show South-West firms have won contracts worth more than  £1.3bn
  • £650m has already been spent with businesses in the region
  • Investment in local infrastructure and planning benefits has passed £100m

New figures released by the Government show that companies in the South West have now won contracts worth more than £1.3 billion for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset. The updated totals show that £650m has already been spent with the region’s businesses.

The figures are reported in the “Hinkley Point C Wider Benefits Realisation Plan” published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). It can be read in full here.

Minister for Business and Industry Richard Harrington MP said: “Hinkley Point C will be pivotal in providing clean energy for the future, as well as creating high-skilled, well paid jobs right now in the South West with companies becoming world leaders in nuclear construction and services, all part of our flagship modern Industrial Strategy. As we outlined in our recent landmark nuclear sector deal, Hinkley Point C will create over 25,000 job opportunities over the construction period, as well as employing 900 people over its 60-year lifespan.”

The plan sets out how the project is creating opportunities for local companies and workers, as well as helping to reinvigorate UK industry, enabling British companies to compete for nuclear contracts across the world.

It also underlines the nuclear industry’s commitment to bring down costs - a commitment made in the recently published Nuclear Sector Deal - something that is possible now that the investment to restart the nuclear new build industry has been made at Hinkley Point C. Many costs at Hinkley Point C would not need to be repeated at the proposed near-identical follow-on station at Sizewell C in Suffolk. BEIS also recognises the importance of an innovative funding model at Sizewell C to reduce costs for consumers.

Nigel Cann, Hinkley Point C Delivery Director, said: “South West firms have worked hard to win contracts and meet the high standards of safety, quality and efficiency required on this project. They have been real pioneers and shown ambition and determination. Their experience provides a lesson for other regions to follow.”

South West companies awarded contracts include:

  • Astron Fire and Security, Portbury, near Bristol - fire and security systems maintenance services at the accommodation campus facilities

  • Blackhill Engineering, Exeter – manufacturing steel fabrications for the temporary jetty

  • Bristol Port Company Ltd, Bristol – marine services and logistics [download their video here]

  • CETSAT, Yeovil - software and IT solutions for catering contractors

  • Dan’s Engineering, Bridgwater – steel fabrication [download their video here]

  • J&G Fencing Ltd, Bristol - security & perimeter fencing

  • KRG Transport Ltd, Bridgwater - haulage

  • Marwood Group Ltd, Bristol - traffic barriers

  • MMES 2012 Ltd, Bridgwater - electrical installation and services

  • Osprey Shipping Ltd, Portishead - marine services 

  • Staines Trailers Ltd, Torrington - construction trailers

  • SWMAS, Bridgwater – business services [download their video here]

  • TCi (GB) LTD, Bideford - office equipment & fit out

  • Wincanton, Chippenham - warehouse and transport services 

Combining forces has been a key part of the success of South West firms, with several forming alliances in order to compete successfully in scale and expertise, with the backing and support of Somerset Chamber of Commerce.

Chris Langdon, Interim CEO of Somerset Chamber of Commerce, said: “The mission, led by EDF Energy and championed by Somerset Chamber, to develop an industrial legacy for the region of improved capability, competence and competitiveness from this large infrastructure project is starting to bear fruit.

“Working closely with EDF Energy and the main contractor team and supported by our Local Enterprise Partnerships, we are now engaged with a pipeline of over £200 million of manufacturing opportunity for suppliers in Somerset and the South West region as the project presents its mechanical and electrical contract opportunities.”

The report states: “With a build programme of approximately 10 years, Hinkley Point C provides an invaluable prospect for economic growth, sustained employment and enhanced skills provision both for the UK and the South West.”

Over 3,200 people are working at Hinkley Point C each day, with some 1.5 million hours worked every month.

The South West is set to benefit by £200 million each year during peak construction, with £4 billion being generated for the regional economy over the lifetime of the project.

With more than 80% of contracts awarded, the project is on track to spend 64% of the construction value of Hinkley Point C with UK-based companies, up from the original estimate of 57%.

It is expected that 25,000 people will work on the construction of Hinkley Point C, in a broad range of occupations and careers, and it will provide around 900 jobs throughout its 60-year operational lifetime. 

Opportunities include: construction, civil engineering, electrical and mechanical installation, skilled welding, commissioning, project and commercial management, hospitality and catering, logistics, security and site service and other support roles.

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