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More than two and a half million Energy Bills Support Scheme payments delivered to EDF customers

By EDF | Posted October 21, 2022
  • More than two and a half million first payments delivered to EDF customer accounts
  • The Energy Bills Support Scheme automatically gives customers £400 off energy bills from October 2022 – March 2023

EDF has successfully delivered more than two and a half million first payments of the Government’s Energy Bills Support Scheme to household energy accounts so far, as part of the support available to households this winter.

To help combat rising bills, the Government’s Energy Bills Support Scheme will mean that all of EDF’s ~3.5 million customers will automatically receive £400 off their energy bills made in six instalments, starting this month until March 2023.

EDF is pleased to confirm that vouchers have now been posted out to all of its Prepayment (PPM) electricity customers via the post office, and applied the credit onto the vast majority of its smart PAYG customer’s electricity meters. Those who are paying a fixed Direct Debit will receive an automatic refund payment directly into their bank account within five working days of their regular monthly payment date to EDF.

Philippe Commaret, Managing Director, Customers at EDF said:

“It’s an incredibly challenging time for our customers and we want to do everything we can to support them, so it is great that so many have received their first payment, providing some relief from rising costs.

“We’re continuing to prioritise extra support to our most vulnerable customers this winter, offering debt relief and help with getting their homes more energy efficient.”

EDF was recently rated highest of all energy companies for its customer service for the second quarter in a row by Citizens Advice.

Amongst the package available to support customers during the cost of living crisis, EDF are in the process of proactively contacting more than 100,000 of its most vulnerable customers in order to outline the extra support available to them.

To help customers get answers on their Energy Bills Support Scheme payments, we have put together the handy Q&A below or you can find more information on the Energy Bills Support Scheme here: 

Why haven’t I received my payment yet?

Customers on a fixed monthly Direct Debit, will receive an automatic refund payment directly into their bank account within five working days of their regular monthly payment date to EDF, so if a customer’s payment date falls towards the end of the month they will not have received their first Energy Bills Support Scheme payment yet.

We have also applied the credit to the majority of smart PAYG customer’s electricity meters, and are working through a small number of exceptions. For traditional Prepayment (PPM) customers, all vouchers have now been posted out to our electricity customer account holders via the Post Office, so if a customer hasn’t received theirs, they should contact us.

Will the Royal Mail strikes affect me receiving my Prepayment (PPM) vouchers?

EDF have developed a voucher send schedule with the Post Office which will ensure all vouchers are sent before any impact of the Royal Mail strike. We’re also working with the Post Office to formulate a similar plan for voucher send in November to ensure any impact of the strike is minimised for our PPM customers who are awaiting vouchers.

Will the amount I can top-up my Prepayment meter by change so I can redeem my voucher?

Post Office and Payzone have increased the maximum transaction top up limit from £49 to £99 with effect from Friday 30th September.

I’ve received credit for my electricity meter, can I move it to my gas meter?

To avoid any delay in customers receiving the discount, the credit for smart PAYG customers will be added to their electricity meter, although customers can get in touch with us to request any remaining credit is transferred to their gas PAYG meter. However, this would be dependent on how much of the credit had already been used towards the electricity at the time the customer makes the request, so the credit transferred may not be for the full EBSS payment. This is to avoid customers being left with a negative balance on their electricity meter. 


For more information contact:

EDF Energy Media Team
24-hour press line: +44 (0)1452 652233 

About EDF

EDF is helping Britain achieve Net Zero by leading the transition to a cleaner, low emission, electric future and tackling climate change. It is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity(1) and supplies millions of customers with electricity and gas.

It generates low carbon electricity from five nuclear power stations and more than thirty onshore wind farms and two offshore wind farms.

EDF is leading the UK's nuclear renaissance with the construction of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C, and there are advanced plans for a replica at Sizewell C in Suffolk. Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C will provide low carbon electricity to meet 14% of UK demand and power around 12 million homes.

EDF is one of the UK’s largest investors in renewables, with more than 1.5GW of renewable generation in operation and almost 14GW in planning and development across a range of technologies including onshore and offshore wind, solar and battery storage. We are constructing our largest offshore wind farm in Britain – the 450 MW Neart na Gaoithe project in Scotland.

EDF is helping its customers, both in business and at home, take their first steps to sustainably powering their lives. Whether it is buying an electric car, generating and storing electricity, selling energy back to the grid or installing a heat pump. EDF is one of the largest suppliers to British business and a leading supplier of innovative energy solutions that are helping businesses become more energy independent. In addition, the company’s energy services business, Dalkia, is one of the largest technical service providers in the UK and Ireland.

EDF is part of EDF Group, the world’s biggest electricity generator. In the UK, the company employs around 14,000 people at locations across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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