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Are you being asked to do more with less? You're not alone. But don't worry we're here to help.
Our dedicated Talk Power programme for Scottish Procurement customers is designed to educate and inform. 

We'll keep this page regularly updated with the latest guides, webinars and events to help you keep ahead of the game in the energy market. Delivered by experts our interactive briefings will show you ways to save time, reduce costs and make your budget go further. 


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General Enquires

If your enquiry is regarding your invoices, payments, metering appointments or any other service related activity, then please contact your dedicated customer services team.

Telephone: 0845 300 4817

Latest updates

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Your April Prices 2024

Your April 2024 prices are here:

  • What influences your prices?
  • Download “Your Prices Explained” document
  • Non-Energy-Costs reconciliation process
  • and where to find continued support

Energy Policy and Strategy 2023 In Review

Catch up on Rebecca Beresford and Roy Collins discussing the Energy Policy and Strategy 2023 review, you can rewatch it here

Processes Document

Our processes document explains our most commonly used processes, average lead times, associated documents and also shortcuts to the specialist teams. This means you can contact the owning team directly with questions or for updates, instead of referring via the Customer Service team in the first instance.

Powering your Net Zero Journey

Working with Scottish Procurement, we're here to support your Net Zero journey through our energy business solutions. 

Urbanomy Bridge Image

Net Zero Consulting

Urbanomy is a subsidiary of EDF Group that specialises in strategic energy and climate consulting.

With its deep expertise in carbon and energy, and specialist tools and models, it helps organisations accelerate their Net Zero journey. 

  • Decarbonisation Pathways - Urbanomy develops clear strategies and practical pathways for organisations to achieve their decarbonisations goals. It creates comprehensive action plans including investment business cases.
  • Climate Strategies - Going beyond decarbonisation, Urbanomy supports organisations on topics such as climate risks (resilience and adaptation), regulations, reporting / disclosures, life-cycle analysis and biodiversity. 
  • Low & Zero-Carbon Energy Master Planning - Urbanomy models and evaluates energy systems and technologies to support the development of low or zero-carbon campuses, districts and communities. It can analyse retrofit opportunities as well as new developments.

One of the benefits of being part of the Scottish Procurement framework means it's easier for you to access Urbanomy's range of services.

For more information, please contact your account manager.

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The final Triad season as we know it

Reduce your consumption during a Triad and you'll make savings; increase your consumption during a Triad and it could impact your budget.

The National Grid Electricity System Operator has confirmed the winter period Triad peaks for 2022/23.

Due to the Targeted Charging Review, after February 2023 the opportunity to benefit from Triad avoidance will be greatly reduced as the percentage of influenceable costs will be much lower. You can find out more about that in our Targeted Charging Review blog.

But for now - what are Triads, what impact do they have on your bills, what were this year's Triads, and how can EDF support you to make savings?

Targeted Charging Review - getting to grips

Binoy Dharsi (a network charging expert here at EDF) talks you through some of the network charge reforms that are currently underway and some that are being planned for the future.

What are network charges?
When I’m talking about network charges, I’m talking about:

  • Transmission Network Use of System charges (TNUoS) – the large “motorway” wires that connect generators through to the localised distribution areas.
  • Distribution areas (DUoS) – the more complicated “b roads” which deliver power to homes and businesses.
  • Balancing Services (BSUoS) – the energy that generators produce is matched against the amount of energy that consumers consume. This needs to be balanced on a second by second basis and that pot of money is BSUoS.

Collectively this accounts for almost a third of your electricity bill.


Our quarterly webinars bring together our team of experts to take a deep dive into the latest details of the power market prices and non-energy costs (Monitor Explained), and how these impact organisations.

Catch-up from your desk with our webinars and blogs.

Stay up to date with the latest market news from our industry experts.

Monitor Report - NECs Explained (issue 2)

Thursday 13 June, 11 am

Register here

Power Market updates (Quarter 3)

Thursday 22 August, 10 am

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Monitor Report - NECs Explained (issue 3)

Thursday 12  September, 3 pm

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Power Market updates (Quarter 4)

Thursday 21 November, 3 pm

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Monitor Report - NECs Explained (issue 4)

Thursday 12  December, 10 am

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Billing, prices and managing your acount

New Connections

  1. Contact your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for a new MPAN (13 digit supply point number):
    Scottish Power Distribution (MPAN 18 South of Scotland)
    - or Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (MPAN 17 North of Scotland)

  2. Complete the New Connections form
    Make sure you list your preferred Meter Operator (MOp) and Data Collector (DC) as well as contacting the metering agents to add the new MPAN onto your direct contract. EDF can offer these services via EDF Metering Services.
    Email -

    We'll work with your preferred agent to register your new MPAN, install your new meter & create an EDF account

    Contact details: Tel - 0845 366 3664 option 2 or Email -

  3. New connections will automatically be priced on Framework prices so no need to complete the site addition form

How to navigate MyBusiness

Handy MyBusiness Video Guides

Click on the links below to watch the videos:

Smart and advanced meters

Smart and advanced meters are two meter technologies introduced nationally to help create the national energy infrastructure needed for a low carbon future.

We're now able to offer smart metering to our non-half hourly, profile class 1-4 business customers. But what's the difference between these and AMR meters, and how can I get one?

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Smart Metering

We're now able to offer smart metering to our non-half hourly, profile class 1-4 business customers. 

To request a smart meter, please

 email our team at 

or fill out our quick form  and we'll be in touch.

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below.

SMART QR Code Web Form

Market Insight

For informed energy buyers. See the latest power, gas, oil, coal and other costs driving your electricity prices, with analysis from our traders.

Energy Efficiency

Get insight into your energy prices

Forecast your prices to plan ahead with your energy budget and be in control. 

  • Gain a high level total forecasted value, and in £/MWh for this year
  • See how we expect your budget to change
  • See a Current Year Cost Summary with a breakdown of how we view your energy costs this year
  • Make updates to how you expect costs to change and compare against a baseline value
  • See the volume we expect you to use and total expected costs broken down into the main elements that make up your bill
  • Finally, you'll find the breakdown of the volume and costs for each of your mpans included on this report

This is based on our best view of the elements which make up your energy price at the time the tool is created