Four ways to lower your heating bills

Wouldn’t we all like to lower our bills over winter? If we relied less on our heating systems, we could save money and be kinder to the planet. So we’ve gathered four amazing pieces of technology and tips that can help you be energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s to a toasty and low-carbon winter!

Reduce your reliance on your boiler

We all depend on our boilers during winter – but constantly having heating on can be costly on your pocket and the environment. Off-gas-grid customers have to carefully manage their oil or LPG levels and are frustrated by the volatility of oil prices. Air source heat pumps work with your existing boiler to help you reduce the usage of your oil or LPG boiler. They transfer heat absorbed from the outside air to your indoor space. If you’re looking to be more energy efficient and low-carbon they are perfect. 

We now offer the Future Heat air source heat pump – our hybrid system intelligently switches between the heat pump and the boiler to heat your home in the cheapest and most efficient way.

Quick tip – for our off-gas-grid customers, you need to carefully manage your oil or LPG levels as prices can go up and down.

Turn your heating on and off from anywhere

During the busy weeks, and sometimes busier weekends – we can all be a bit forgetful. It’s frustrating when you get to work and realise you’ve left the heating on all day. Plus, wouldn’t it be great if we could track our heating usage so that first bill wasn’t such a shock? 

HeatSmart changes everything. It’s a clever system that allows you to control your home heating from the app, and monitor your usage throughout the day, weeks or months.

Total control and no surprises!

Store up your energy to use for later

Harnessing the rays of the sun to power our homes is a pretty awesome feeling. But what happens on all those long summer days where we don’t use up the power we’ve generated? It’s lost!

However with Powervault you can keep that energy. This home battery storage solution stores all the energy you make from the sun and allows you to use it during the dark, cold winters. Saving you money on your bills and being kind to our planet.

Wrap up your home

It’s no good investing in great tech to lower your energy usage if your home is poorly insulated and leaking all that lovely warm air. A great long-term solution, to lower your bills and be environmentally friendly, is to get your house fully insulated. 

You can get a range of insulation:

Cavity wall: is quick and easy to install in eligible homes. It fills the gaps in your walls and keeps your house warm for less.

Loft: is easy to install and stops heat escaping through your roof.

Solid wall: keeps older homes warmer for longer. This can transform the look of your property and stop heat loss – it's like wrapping a huge blanket around your home.

Get help with a new boiler or insulation

See if you are eligible for the ECO scheme and get help towards a new boiler or insulation.

Want to learn more about energy efficiency?

Take a look at our guides so you can be more energy efficient at home.