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We've developed a series of informative fact sheets, to help you understand various topics, related to the energy industry and its legislation.

Electricity prices explained
This fact sheet is designed to briefly explain how electricity pricing works for most customers with standard prices.
Download PDF (772kb)

How to cut energy costs
Many businesses are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills. So, we’ve put together our top five tips in this fact sheet.
Download PDF (621kb)

Changing energy prices explained
This fact sheet aims to briefly explain the main reasons behind the cost of wholesale energy, and how this affects the price you pay.
Download PDF (612kb)

A guide to reactive power
This fact sheet aims to answer the question: What is reactive power and how is it measured?
Download PDF (633kb)

Triad charge reconciliation
This factsheet is for half hourly customers with “energy only” contracts.
Download PDF (586kb)

The Carbon Reduction Commitment
This fact sheet describes elements useful to know about the scheme.
Download PDF (665kb)

How to get your CRC data.
This fact sheet describes how to get the electricity consumption data that you’ll need to determine your organisation’s qualification status for the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme.
Download PDF (810kb)

Energy performance in buildings
Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates are two types of energy labels for commercial and public buildings introduced by the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive. This fact sheet explains how they work. .
Download PDF (688kb)

Viewing and downloading

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