12 Mar 20

EDF acquires iSupplyEnergy's customer contracts

Today it was announced that EDF will be acquiring iSupplyEnergy's customer contracts. We look forward to welcoming these customers to EDF, and are working closely with iSupplyEnergy to ensure a smooth transition. 

Please find our statement below, to be attributed to an EDF spokesperson: 

“As the largest producer of low carbon energy in the country, EDF is committed to growing its retail business in the UK so it can support as many customers as possible on the journey to net zero emissions.

"iSupplyEnergy customers will be able to benefit from low carbon energy alongside our industry-leading customer service, and do not need to do anything at this time. Their supply will continue as normal and we will be in touch with them shortly to explain any new arrangements.”

Notes to editors:

  • Approximately 190,000 of iSupplyEnergy’s residential customer contracts will be transferred to EDF in the coming months.
  • EDF is only acquiring iSupplyEnergy’s residential customer base and is not acquiring iSupplyEnergy.
  • Customers do not need to do anything. They will remain on same terms, and their prices will not go up as a result of their contracts moving to EDF. Existing Direct Debits will be automatically transferred to EDF for the same amount / dates.
  • EDF is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity, meeting around one-fifth of the country’s demand and supplying millions of customers with electricity and gas. It generates low carbon electricity from eight nuclear power stations, more than 30 onshore wind farms and two offshore wind farms.

About EDF

EDF is helping Britain achieve Net Zero by leading the transition to a cleaner, low emission electric future and tackling climate change. We're Britain’s biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity(1), meeting around one-fifth of the country’s demand and supplying millions of customers with electricity and gas.

With around 5 million accounts, EDF is one of the largest suppliers to British homes and businesses and a leading supplier of innovative energy solutions that are helping businesses become more energy independent. All of our home customers get energy tariffs backed by zero-carbon electricity as standard.

We generate low carbon electricity from eight nuclear power stations, more than thirty onshore wind farms and two offshore wind farms, and operate one of Britain’s biggest battery storage units, one gas and one coal power station, thousands of EV charge-points, and combined heat and power plants. Wind, nuclear and solar all produce electricity that is zero carbon at the point of generation and have similar emissions over the build, run and retire lifecycles.

EDF is leading the UK's nuclear renaissance with the construction of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C, and is leading the development of plans for a replica at Sizewell C in Suffolk. Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C will provide low carbon electricity to meet 14% of UK demand and power around 12 million homes. 

EDF is one of the UK’s largest investors in renewables, with 1GW of renewable generation in operation and over 4GW in construction, planning and development across a range of technologies including onshore and offshore wind, solar and battery storage. We are constructing our largest offshore wind farm in Britain – the 450 MW Neart na Gaoithe project in Scotland which will be ready in 2023.

Our energy services business, Imtech, is one of the largest technical service providers in the UK and Ireland.

EDF is part of EDF Group, the world’s biggest electricity generator. In the UK we employ around 13,000 people.