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Energy efficiency in your kitchen

By Laura Davies | Posted May 24, 2018

Saving energy around the house doesn't have to be a chore. Sometimes you don't even have to spend money on energy efficient appliances or products. All it takes are a few tweaks that you might not even notice. Or you could make some larger changes which provide significant savings in the long run.

Here are our quick wins for energy efficiency in the kitchen:

Put a lid on it

Pots not only boil quicker if you cover them, but they’ll use less energy if you keep them covered while you’re cooking. If your pots start to boil over, turn the heat down and rest the lid loosely instead – you might be surprised just how low you can run a boiling pot with a lid.

Right ring for the right pot

If you can see flame or some of the heating ring beneath your pot, even when it’s turned right down, you’re heating the air rather than your meal. Work up from the smallest ring and with a bit of testing, you’ll soon find the right combination of pot, ring and control so that you’re only heating your food.

Dishwasher not hand wash

Most modern, energy-efficient dishwashers are, generally, more effective and better for the environment than washing up by hand (music to our ears). Just make sure you maximise the space inside (you might have to move some shelves and supports around to do this), clean filters after every wash and the door seals often. Your dishwasher’s instructions manual usually offers some great advice on how to load and care for your machine so it can take care of your dishes and you can get on with your life.

Switch off

Switching off lights, fans, coffee machines and unplugging any other electrical items can make quite a big difference.

Energy-efficient tea

Most of us know that filling the kettle only with the amount you need will save energy. But you should also descale your kettle regularly (particularly in hard water areas) to keep it working at peak performance. This will have the added bonus of making your cuppa less gritty. Check out our home appliances energy saving article to see if the kettle or the hob is the cheapest way to make a cup of tea.

Switching provider

You could save money by switching energy providers. Read our guide on how easy it is and if you're ready to switch, we have a range of tariffs to make it easier to budget, and use low carbon energy sources.

Faster isn’t always more efficient

While microwaves and hobs are more efficient and quicker than ovens, slow cookers only use a tiny amount of energy over a long period to make a meal. They’re great for making casseroles, soups, tagines and curries. And they can be superb for avoiding the dinner time rush.

Efficiency savings that might cost extra

If you’re making energy savings everywhere but the kitchen sink, why not splash out on that too? Fitting an aerator to your tap can save water and energy and can cost less than £5.

Underfloor heating

This is a great way to keep your toes warm and getting rid of radiators and pipes.


  • You won’t have to suffer frozen toes on the tiles in winter

  • They’re more efficient than radiators because the heat is distributed evenly across the room.

  • You can’t see it – no radiators, no messy pipes


  • It can take longer to heat up than radiators

  • It’s often expensive to fit and maintain

  • You need a boiler that can manage the extra heating necessary (or go for an electric system).

Get your boiler serviced

Getting your boiler serviced regularly will make sure you have hot water and central heating plus the peace of mind that your boiler is working as efficiently as it can.

If you need your boiler serviced get in touch with us. If you could do with help lowering your energy use – take a look at the government’s ECO scheme for free home efficiency improvement.

Want to get even greener?

There is more than one way to make savings in the kitchen, not only should you be looking at your appliances but the meals you are cooking. 

Want some energy saving ideas for other areas of your life? Why not check out our tips on saving energy in your bathroom and the office.

We’ve also put together some smart solutions to help you save money and lower your carbon footprint.

Get in touch with your inner green finger and turn your garden into a smart garden. Want to know how? Here is our guide to the ultimate smart garden.

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