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Currently, it’s taking longer to deliver electric cars and install home charge points. However, Pod Point and DriveElectric are supporting key workers during this time by installing home chargers and delivering cars to them, where possible.

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We challenged a number of social media influencers to take an electric car out on the road. Watch as they debunk the myths around electric cars: How many times do you need to charge? How do electric cars feel to drive? Our latest episode takes Dr Alex George and Wes Nelson (both from Love Island) on a trip to EDF's Sizewell B nuclear site. See how they got on.


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Yaya and Lloyd meet up with Jim Chapman on a road trip through Wales, facing their fears along the way.

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Mother Pukka and Grandmother Pukka are on the classic weekend trip from London to Brighton. Father Pukka comes along for the ride.

Watch video: Electric Adventures Episode 5 – New Heights

Episode: New heights 

Join Camilla Thurlow in Scotland where she meets the worlds oldest skydiver Dilys Price, OBE.

Whether you’re considering going smart at home, electric on the road or reducing your business’s carbon footprint, we can help you

As the UK's largest generator of low-carbon electricity data below

The data supporting the table below and the % values are sourced from a mixture of industry settlement data and the UK government renewable obligation database.

Supplier nameLow-carbonGWh of low-carbon electricity generation% of overall low-carbon electricity generation
EDF ENERGYLow-carbon45,51735%
SCOTTISH POWERLow-carbon2,8552%

Using the latest available data would put EDF Energy's % of low carbon generation at 35%, with Other at 39%. The 39% of Other can itself be broken down into many different owners, the top ten by share of the Other owners and their percentage share of that 39% is below:

DONG Energy RB (UK) Ltd 5.90%
Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd3.36%
Morecambe Wind Limited2.91%
Fred Olsen Renewables Ltd2.59%
Walney (UK) Offshore Windfarms Ltd2.59%
Clyde Windfarm (Scotland) Limited2.44%
Galloper Wind Farm Limited2.42%
Octopus Investments Limited2.37%
Foresight Group LLP1.97%
Falck Renewables Ltd1.86%

DONG Energy alone accounted for 2.3% of all low-carbon generation in 2018 (38% x 5.9%), with Vattenfall a further 1.3%, and Fred Olsen 1.0%. Removing DONG, Vattenfall and Fred Olsen would leave Other at 34.4%, which itself is still made up of many smaller, independent generators with split ownership. It is therefore the case that EDF Energy was the single largest generator of low-carbon electricity in 2018.