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Energy is more challenging than ever. So we are striving to make it simpler - to understand, buy, administer and save. We're certain our approach will save you time, money and energy.

What we offer

When it comes down to it, we found there are four things most organisations want from their energy supplier:

  • help in understanding what you are buying
  • a choice of contracts to fit your buying requirements
  • smart ways to simplify your administration
  • help in finding ways to save your energy

It goes without saying that you want all of this delivered reliably and efficiently – and that’s what we do. 


Energy is essential to modern life, but it’s complicated. There is a long supply chain responsible for producing, delivering, measuring and charging you for your energy. Price is influenced by many factors, and being a technical subject there's a lot of jargon.

How we can help

  • We offer a range of useful guides that explain energy topics from simple to complex issues
  • We sponsor a series of educational seminars to help you make informed purchasing decisions
  • As an EDF Energy customer, you can subscribe to our free fortnightly newsletter that explains the latest price changes in the UK’s wholesale electricity and gas markets


Energy costs affect organisations in different ways and, depending on your type of organisation you may need to pay a little, or a lot of attention to purchasing energy.

A choice of contracts to fit your buying requirements

  • A range of simple deals which provide a fixed price for a fixed term
  • More sophisticated flexible energy contracts that allow you to spread your energy purchases over time
  • Contracts to suit your environmental objectives, with access to levy exempt or low carbon electricity, or energy savings built into your contract
  • End-to-end managed electricity solutions for construction projects
  • Energy supply contracts across Europe.

All in all, we offer a number of versatile solutions, and we’re sure we’ll have a contract to suit you.

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Staying on top of the workload generated by one account is easy, but what if you manage tens, hundreds or even thousands of accounts? It can cost £20-£50 in admin time for each invoice you pay. Now multiply that by the number of invoices you process and it soon adds up.

Smart choices for less admin

  • Consolidate your accounts so that you only have one Direct Debit payment to make each month
  • Receive your billing information electronically
  • Use analytical tools to better understand your bills
  • Gain quicker access to your account information online.

Additional support for complex portfolios

If you have a particularly large, complex portfolio of properties, we can provide you with a Service Development Manager (SDM) to help develop your specific requirements. 

And now we can help with innovative metering solutions too.


Rising energy costs and environmental concerns are increasing the pressure to use less energy.

Helping you save energy

  • Reports to help you monitor your energy consumption and identify areas of energy wastage
  • Energy efficiency materials for reminding work colleagues about simple measures to achieve real energy savings
  • We can even build guaranteed energy savings into your energy supply contracts with our unique Advanced Efficiency Programmes
  • Advice from our technical experts to help you achieve greater efficiency savings.