Martigues Natural Gas Combined-Cycle Power Plant, France

This virtual tour explores Martigues natural gas combined-cycle power plant in France. This industrial area has been in use since 1971 and is home to 60 EDF employees and 40 permanent contractors. Step inside to experience the exceptional views of the coast and a protected natural habitat that covers 11 hectares of the site’s 55 hectares. 

What we're doing

To provide a secure energy supply for the future, the UK needs a diverse and balanced energy mix. EDF Energy operate nuclear, gas and coal power stations across the UK. As well as the new nuclear powers stations we are planning to build, there are also proposed developments of new gas power statiosn at Sutton Bridge and West Burton.

We currently only have one gas-fired power station, West Burton B (CCGT), located in Nottinghamshire, it has three combined cycle units capable of generating enough electricity for approximately 1.5 million UK homes. Combined cycle gas turbine power plants (CCGT) improve energy efficiency and reduce atmospheric emissions.

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Picture of West Burton power station

West Burton B

West Burton B CCGT is EDF Energy's only gas-fired power station, located in Nottinghamshire.

West Burton Site

West Burton C

We're developing a proposals for a new gas-fired peaking plant power station at the existing West Burton site