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How to claim
your refund

If your business energy account is in credit 

At EDF Energy, we want to do the right thing, including refunding you if we owe you money. We understand every penny counts. So if you think you may have paid for more energy than you’ve used, just complete our online form and we'll be in contact.

Remember - If you’re a current customer you can give us a meter reading. Once our investigation is complete, we’ll happily refund any amounts owed.

I’m a current business customer – how do I get a refund?

Step 1: How do I know if I’ve paid for more energy than I've used?

While we always try to make sure the amount you’re paying covers what you’re using, this doesn’t always work out accurately. Next time you look at your meter, check if the reading is lower than the one shown on your most recent bill. If it is we may owe you a refund.

If you haven’t recently had an accurate bill and you think you may have paid for more energy than you’ve used, please contact us with a meter reading so we can check the accuracy of the balance showing on your account.

Here are four easy ways you can do this:

  • Log in to your online account 
  • Call our ‘no queue’ automated system on 0333 200 5108(1)
  • Download the EDF Energy app to give us instant readings
  • If you’d prefer to speak to someone, you can call us on 0333 200 5103(1)

Step 2: What happens after I’ve given you my readings?

If your credit balance is accurate there are several ways we can refund you, depending on your payment method:

Monthly Budget Direct Debit
Please remember, your Direct Debit is calculated over 12 months so at points throughout the year it’s likely that your account may show a credit balance. Don’t worry. When we review your Direct Debit payments each year we’ll refund anything owing to the account your payments are made from, if based on an actual meter readings we find you’ve paid more than you needed to. All these details will be on your next bill. 

Direct Debit Whole Amount 
The next time we receive a reading from you, if by paying the Regular Payment Amount (RPA) you’ve built up a credit, this will be reflected in the amount requested in your next bill.

Debit/Credit card
We know that customers budget for their energy differently, so we’ll only refund anything outstanding to you if you ask us to. We’ll do this immediately to the card the original payment was made on (where possible).

Prepayment customers 
Your meter will always show you how much credit you have, so it’s unlikely we’d need to provide you with a refund while we supply you. If any credit has been given by EDF Energy as a goodwill payment or Guaranteed Service Standard, the money will be refunded immediately. If a broken payment key or card is returned to us with credit that failed to transfer to the meter, we will send a refund to the current key or card you’re using to top up.

Business customers who've left EDF Energy

My account’s closed and I think I may be due a refund – what should I do?

If you’ve switched suppliers and have received a final bill from us based on an actual or an estimated reading, we’ll automatically refund any credit back to you within 28 days of your final bill/invoice. Direct Debit customers will have their refund sent straight to their bank automatically. If you pay for your energy in a different way, we’ll send you a cheque in the post or refund directly to your card. Please make sure we have the right forwarding address so it reaches you.

If you’re a credit customer, it’s important you give us meter readings, your moving out date and a forwarding address as close to your moving date as possible. For more information please visit our business movers page. This will help us make sure your final bill is accurate and work out if you’ve paid for more energy than you used up to the point you moved out. Once we have this we’ll automatically refund any money owed to you as shown on your final bill.

If you can’t give us this information, please contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss your account and decide how best to refund anything we owe you.

What if I don’t receive my credit?

If you’ve been expecting a refund but haven’t yet received it, please contact us and we’ll be happy to look into it for you:

Contact us via our help centre, where you can email us directly.

Or give us a call on 0333 200 5103(1)

What if I’m unhappy with the service I’ve received?

We try our best to provide an excellent service for our customers, but if you have a complaint we want to know about it. We’re here to help and to resolve any issues as best we can.