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We challenged a group of our favourite adventurers to find out how easy it is to drive an electric car. See how they got on, and watch their electric adventures now!(1)


Electric cars are the future: the new generation of travel. We’re here to get you on the road. You can go electric with our EV tariff, home charger and electric car leasing options. 

Watch video: EV: EA Episode 2 – Hack to the Future

Episode - Hack to the future

Watch video: Electric Adventures Episode 3 ⁠— Wave of Change

Episode - Wave of change

Watch video: Electric Adventures Episode 5 – New Heights

Episode - Who's in charge?

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Get the highest amount of off-peak charging hours for your electric car with 100% renewable(2)GoElectric tariff.

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Man charging his electric car


Get smart with this small and mighty electric car charger – one of the smallest chargers on the market. 

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