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We own and operate eight nuclear power stations with a combined capacity of almost 9,000 megawatts.

We operate two types of nuclear reactor: the advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR); and a pressurised water reactor (PWR). Sizewell B is the only PWR nuclear power station in our portfolio.

Our nuclear fleet

Station Reactor type Date commissioned Scheduled date of decommissioning NET capacity in Megawatts (MW)
Hunterston B 2 AGRs 1976 2023 960
Hinkley Point B 2 AGRs 1976 2023 945
Hartlepool 2 AGRs 1983 2019 1,180
Heysham 1 2 AGRs 1983 2019 1,155
Dungeness B 2 AGRs 1983 2018 1,040
Heysham 2 2 AGRs 1988 2023 1,220
Torness 2 AGRs 1988 2023 1,185
Sizewell B 1 PWR 1995 2035 1,198


Capacities are stated net of all power consumed for the stations' own use, including power imported from the National Grid. Capacities are subject to review each year end. The capacities quoted reflect expectations for the reference energy generation from the units from 1 January 2014. In particular, Hinkley Point B and Hunterston B have been adjusted to reflect planned operation at approximately 75% load, due to boiler temperature restrictions.

*Based on currently agreed accounting lives. One of EDF Energy's business imperatives is to extend the lifetimes of its nuclear power stations where it is technically and economically viable to do so safely. The current intent is to extend the Dungeness B lifetime to 2028 

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