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GEO TRIO II PPMID TSG: Step 4 – Press ‘Commission’ button

Ensuring ToughPad is connected to the network, press ‘Commission PPMID’ button and then the PPMID will attempt to connect to the HAN 3 times. This will be shown on the PPMID display as a message saying "Connecting to smart meter..."

If successful, you’ll see the TXID (Transaction) Success message displayed on ToughPad.

Having problems? See our Troubleshooting Guide below.


There are a few issues you may encounter:

No TXID displayed on ToughPad and/ or "Not commissioned" showing on the PPMID.

Installer actions to rectify this:
  • Check ToughPad connectivity and press 'Commission’. If successful, repeat step 4.
  • If unsuccessful, press menu icon in the top left of the PPMID 
  • Scroll through options and choose "Settings"
  • Then scroll through the options and choose "Advanced"
  • Next scroll through the choices to "Engineer"
  • Now enter the PIN number "163005"
  • Select the "Zigbee HAN" option
  • Then select "Join" on the PPMID options