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EDF have been appointed by Ofgem, the energy regulator, to step in and supply customers of Zog Energy Limited

By EDF | Posted December 03, 2021

EDF will help customers left without a supplier after Zog Energy Limited ceased trading on 1 December 2021. This follows action EDF has already taken this year to protect customers of former suppliers Green Network Energy and Utility Point when they exited the market in January and September, respectively. 

EDF will step in and look after Zog Energy Limited’s circa 11,700 domestic customers and be responsible for supplying their energy from 4 December. Funds that domestic customers have paid into their accounts will be protected, where they are in credit and EDF will honour these.

Zog Energy Limited customers will be put onto our standard variable prices.

Customers’ energy supply will continue uninterrupted, as they switch over to EDF. EDF will contact customers within the next seven days to let them know what the next steps are. For further information, customers can visit

EDF is Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity1, meeting around one-fifth of the country’s demand, supplying around 5 million residential electricity and gas customer accounts.  

Commenting on the decision, Managing Director for EDF’s Customers business Philippe Commaret, said:  

“We are very pleased that we can step in once more to support customers impacted by these most recent supplier failures. Customers of Zog Energy Limited will understandably be concerned that their existing supplier has ceased trading, but I would like to reassure them that, with EDF, they are getting a reliable supplier who provide excellent service and a guaranteed, fair rate throughout winter.

We are experienced in stepping in to help customers in this situation and are uSwitch’s Best Value Large supplier as well as Citizen’s Advice’s number one large supplier for service. We will work closely with Zog Energy Limited’s administrators to ensure there is a smooth transition for all customers as quickly as possible. Former customers of Zog Energy Limited do not need to take any action at this time. Their supply will continue as normal and we will be in touch with them directly to explain any new arrangements.” 


Notes to Editors

This is the third time EDF have been appointed to protect customers of suppliers exiting the market in 2021: 

  • On January 30th, EDF stepped in to take on the supply of 360,000 former customers of Green Network Energy
  • On September 17th, EDF stepped in to take on the supply of 220,000 former customers of Utility Point

EDF’s key policy proposals are:

  • Make sure price comparison are fair, especially if customers are signing up for long term deals: Ofgem should produce clear guidance about the methodology for price comparisons between SVT and fixed price tariffs, before announcing the cap that will apply from April.
  • Require suppliers to offer renewing customers a price that is no higher than they would pay as a new customer, for a temporary period initially, then review impacts. Suspending new customer-only deals, at least in the short term, will mean loyal customers aren’t the only ones ending up picking up the costs.
  • Close the door to unsustainable practices and prices: Continue to step up rigorous and regular reviews of new entrants or fast-growing companies, and the lowest fixed price deals, to prevent a repeat of the supplier failure crisis.
  • Spread the cost to consumers of failed suppliers over a longer period to avoid concentrating the impact on customers, especially those on SVTs.
  • Update SVT cap methodology to ensure it can continue to play its role protecting customers while ensuring efficient suppliers can recover legitimate costs.
  • Strongly encourage the take up of measures to help households understand and control their energy use, such as smart meters and ECO measures, including through linking with financial support measures

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About EDF in the UK

EDF is helping Britain achieve Net Zero by leading the transition to a cleaner, low emission electric future and tackling climate change. We are Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity – from our eight nuclear power stations and more than thirty wind farms – meeting around one-fifth of the country’s demand. In addition to being one of the largest suppliers to British homes and businesses, we’re a leading supplier of innovative energy solutions that are helping our customers become more energy efficient and independent. We continue to invest in the UK’s low carbon energy infrastructure, constructing the first new nuclear power station in a generation at Hinkley Point C, leading the development of plans for Sizewell C in Suffolk, and construction, planning and development across a range of technologies including onshore and offshore wind, solar and battery storage.

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