Are your business energy costs over £3m a year?

Would a change in your energy costs have a big impact on your company’s finances? Need to keep within a set energy budget?

If the answer is Yes, you need to clearly understand:

  1. All the factors that determine your energy costs
  2. The events that cause costs to change and the consequences for your budget
  3. Your options to keep within budget when any change occurs

That’s what our energy risk management service provides. Control of your energy costs, come what may. 

Ready to test your budget control?

Book a Risk Work Out. It’s a 3 hour workshop that uncovers where your energy strategy needs attention and suggests ways to give you more control of your energy budget.

If you like what you see, we can go further. Our Energy Risk Management Programme will ensure your energy strategy is ship-shape for years to come. But take a Risk Work Out first.

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