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When to top up with smart Pay As You Go

You pay for your energy up front by topping up with credit with smart PAYG.

This puts you in control of your energy spend. You choose how you top up, when you top up – and how much you spend each time.

You can top up the balance on your smart PAYG meter at any time. Just make sure you do it before you run out of credit – you don't want to get cut off.

You'll know when to top up by:

  • Checking your balance regularly. You can check your balance in the app; in MyAccount (under 'Meter balance'); and on your in-home display and smart meter.
    Check your balance in MyAccount
  • Looking out for your low-balance alerts. You get these by email or text every time your balance gets low (unless you've turned you alerts off or set auto top-ups).
    How to choose your low-balance alert

Top up in MyAccount

Looking for other ways you can top up your smart Pay As You Go meter?

Not using much energy – or going to be away?

Remember you still need to top up...your fridge and freezer will still be using energy; you have a daily standing charge to pay; and any debt repayments you're making will carry on.Download the app so you can top up wherever you are!

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