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When do I give my first meter reading for my new home?

If you've got a smart meter, we'll automatically take your opening meter reading directly from your meter. You don't need to do anything! If we have any trouble connecting with your meter, we'll use an estimate for your opening reading.

If we need you to give us your meter reading(s), your welcome pack will tell you when to send us these, but generally:

  • It's best to give us your opening meter readings on the day you become responsible for your new home
  • If you can't manage on the day, you'll get another five days to submit your readings
  • After five days, we'll have to estimate your opening readings

Take a look at our guide if you need help with how to read and submit readings for your meters. And remember, only read your meters if it's safe to do so – get in touch with us if you think it's unsafe.

Do you have a prepayment meter?
Good news! You don't have to give us an opening meter reading. 

Give your meter reading