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What happens if I don't pay my bill (I don't have a smart meter)?

We never want to take legal action against our customers. But this can happen if you don't pay your bill or get in touch to find a suitable payment option.

Any debt recovery action we take could affect your credit report and future mortgage, mobile phone and credit card applications.

5 steps we take when you don't pay

The steps we take when you don't pay will depend on your circumstances. Here's what typically happens:

  1. Add a £10 late payment charge to your bill
  2. Visit you at home to collect payment (£)
  3. Put a default on your credit report (£)
  4. Apply for a warrant to force entry into your home to install a prepayment meter (£)
  5. Take legal action to get a County Court Judgement against you (£)

(£) = we might charge you debt recovery costs at this step

Get more time to pay

Are you struggling with debt?

Please don't struggle with debt alone. We can support you and help you find a more managable way to pay. Have a look at the help you can get from us and other independent charities and organisations.

Get help with debt