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Using my in-home display

Setting up your new in-home display is really quick and easy – but make sure you activate it within a month of getting it.

Just go to our in-home display set-up page, enter your EDF account number then follow the step by step instructions.

Set up your display

You can get view your in-home display's user guide to get the full lo-down on how to use it. But here are a few of the top things to know:

  • Your in-home display shows your electricity use and costs in real time
  • Your gas use gets updated every 30 minutes when your gas meter wakes up (it's asleep most of the time to save battery)
  • Your display shows your energy use history and current tariff information.
  • You should keep your display needs plugged into the mains (the supplied rechargeable batteries are only for short periods when no mains power is available, for example when moving the device from one plug socket to another)
  • The figures you see on your in-home display differ slightly to your bill; they include VAT, whereas your bill shows VAT in a separate section
  • The energy costs on your smart meter display include your daily standing charge
  • It can take up to ten working days for your new prices to be loaded onto your in-home display when you switch tariff (if your new prices don't get updated within ten working days, please get in touch)

Take a look at how to fix common problems with your in-home display.

In Home Display Troubleshooter