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How to pay off debt on a repayment plan – through your gas prepayment meter (not smart)

Follow these simple rules to keep your gas repayment plan on track:

a) Top up your meter at least once a week
This is how you 'tell' your meter to take your next debt repayment.

We can't take your debt repayment if you don't top up, even if you have enough credit on your meter.

b) Make sure your top-up is bigger than your repayment amount
This stops you falling behind with your payments, so you don't get into further debt.

If your top-up is smaller than your repayment amount, your meter won't take the full payment. It always leaves you with 30% of you top-up for your ongoing gas use.

c) Get in touch if you need help
Please get in touch if you don't understand how your debt repayments work – we're here to help.