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Help to get all the right benefits

Our partners IncomeMax and Citizens Advice Plymouth can both help you work out what benefits you can get, and help you maximise your income.


We've teamed up with IncomeMax to make sure our customers can maximise their household income.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills due to low income, IncomeMax can:

  • Check you're getting all the benefits and tax credits possible (even if you’re working)
  • Help you with your benefits claims
  • Give you top money-saving advice

Use IncomeMax's self-help guide

Use the easy self-help guide to maximising your income. It'll help you find free help and support you can get – from benefits and housing assistance, to free debt advice

Go to IncomeMax

Citizens Advice Plymouth

We've teamed up with Citizens Advice Plymouth so that you can get free, independent advice to help manage your debt and reduce your energy costs.

The team can also help you with:

  • Energy poverty
  • Benefits and grants
  • Financial hardship

Go to Citizens Advice Plymouth