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The gas or electricity use on my smart in-home display goes up when I'm not using any – why?

Wondering why the energy use and spend on your in-home display goes up when you don't think you're using any gas or electricity?

Here's the answer:

  1. You pay a standing charge for your electricity and gas every day; this is the daily fee you pay to maintain your energy supply.Your standing charges are added onto your your in-home display's energy spend around midnight every day.
  2. Your fridge, freezer and any electrical appliance on standby will carry on using electricity even when you've turned everything off to go to bed.
  3. Your gas use on your in-home display gets updated half an hour after you've used it.

That's because your smart gas meter is mostly ‘asleep’ to extend its battery life; it ‘wakes up’ every half hour to do all its updates.