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Tariffs and changing tariff

I'd like information about the tariff I'm on now...


Does my tariff have an early exit fee?

There are a few places to find out if your tariff has an early exit fee:


  1. Select 'Tariff details' from the main menu in MyAccount
  2. Click 'Tariff information label'
  3. Look for 'Exit fee' towards the bottom of the table

This tells you how much you'd pay if you left your tariff early. If you don't have an exit fee, you'll see 'Not applicable'.

Your contract

When you chose an Energy Plan with us, you'll have received a copy of your contract with details of your tariff and any exit fee. This will have arrived in the post unless you signed up for paperless communications. In which case, you can find a PDF of your contract in MyAccount.

When do i pay an early exit fee?