Can I move to a cheaper tariff?

We understand that rising energy prices may mean you're struggling to pay.

Get help if you're struggling to pay

You can quickly check if there are any cheaper energy plans for you in MyAccount:

  1. Log in to MyAccount
  2. Select 'Change tariff' to see your options
  3. Look at the top of the screen: it shows your current tariff's monthly estimated cost, end date, and early exit fee (if there's one to pay)
  4. See if any tariff on offer has a lower monthly estimated cost than your current tariff

We'll always get in touch about three months before your tariff ends – that's often the best time to change tariff.

Remember to factor in the cost of your exit fee (if you have one) when making your decision to change tariff.

Change tariff

Not with EDF at the moment? Get a quote if you're thinking about switching to us.

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