Are there any restrictions on the type of homes that can have a heat pump?

There are different types of heat pumps which our installer can recommend for your property type. We recommend getting your house reasonably insulated before your heat pump installation.

Find out if your home is suitable by submitting your details on our enquiry form. Bear in mind that if you live in a new build home, you might not be entitled to government paybacks.

Visit our Renewable Heat Incentive page to find out more.

The air source heat pump needs to be in reasonable distance from your property, with a recommendation of no more than 15m of pipework between the heat pump and your property. 

It is recommended that heat pump is not located near a bedroom window, opening doors or within 1m of your boundary wall. Some heat pumps need to be on a hard stand with enough space around it to allow for a good flow of air. The heat pump cannot be installed in a shed. When we carry out a survey of your home, our team will advise on where best to locate the heat pump.

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