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Completion of the exciting Vehicle to Grid Oxford project

By EDF | Posted November 30, 2020

Vehicle to Grid project - a success!

On 30th November 2020, we are celebrating the completion of an EDF led project Vehicle to Grid Oxford (V2GO). It was a success as we achieved the objectives, which was to build confidence and demonstrate the value of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) to fleet operators. Vehicle to Grid has the potential to play an important future role in the electricity system, providing an additional source of storage and system services which would support the operation of an electricity system with much higher levels of intermittent generation.  

Importance of electric mobility

EDF’S technical lead Ali Sisan said “The development of electric mobility in the UK is a dynamic market, and UK fleets are more interested in electrification than ever before. EDF is the trusted partner in the electrification journey of fleets and can uniquely illustrate the financial and non-financial benefits of V2G, using cutting edge data-driven approaches and make fleets investment future-proof.”

V2GO was an Innovate UK funded project led by EDF (R&D centre) alongside various partners Arrival,, EO Charging, Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford University and Upside Energy. If you would like to know more about electric mobility and EDF’s unique V2G offer, please contact us and the relevant team will be in touch soon. 

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