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hydrogen powered lorry

R&D UK Centre secures funding for hydrogen powered HGVs

By EDF | Posted July 15, 2021

We are proud to announce that the R&D UK Centre has successfully won a Zero Emission Road Transport competition bid thanks to support from Midlands Engine, the Energy Research Accelerator and Cenex.

The funding competition is run by Innovate UK on behalf of the Department of Transport, which will invest up to £10 million into Hydrogen truck innovation projects across the UK.

Hydrogen key technology for decarbonising heavy-duty transport

Rebecca Rosling, Head of R&D Smart Customers at EDF, said: “Hydrogen is a key technology for decarbonising heavy-duty transport, and EDF is delighted to have joined with partners from across the Midlands to deliver this exciting project. As EDF’s coal generation stations in the region reach the ends of their lives, we are excited to work to develop the zero carbon technologies of the future in the region.”

44-tonne HGV truck demonstrator is just the start!

We are working alongside industry partners Arcola EnergyToyotaIntelligent Energy and ITM, and we will now prepare the ground for a 44-tonne HGV truck demonstrator in the Midlands.

The project involves identifying all of the necessary infrastructure, including hydrogen refuelling stations, developing the business case and delivery system, and establishing a trial lease system for truck operators.

Midlands key region for the freight and logistics sector

With 90% of the country’s people and businesses within four hours of travel time, the Midlands is the focal point of the freight and logistics sector, accounting for 30% of HGV freight in the UK and hosting 35% of all warehouse space in the country, more than twice that of London, Scotland and Wales combined.

The region's strategic importance to the logistics and transportation sector has been further underlined with the award of two regional Freeports at East Midlands Airport and Immingham Port. Research and development in hydrogen technologies have a long history in the Midlands, and applications for sustainable technology are already being rolled out in cities such as Birmingham, which will soon commence the operation of a fleet of hydrogen buses and open a publicly accessible hydrogen and electric vehicle refuelling station at Tyseley Energy Park.

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