Hartlepool Heat Hub

Hartlepool has been home to two nuclear reactors since 1983.

Over the years the town has been earmarked as a great place for more nuclear development. In spring 2022 the Government’s energy strategy identified Hartlepool as one of the prime places in the country for new nuclear. That is no great surprise. There is significant nuclear licensed land available for development around Hartlepool Power Station, the local community is supportive and there is an existing highly skilled nuclear workforce, with decades’ of experience, on the doorstep.

All of this is why EDF, together our partner Atkins, are jointly pushing for Hartlepool to host an Advanced Modular nuclear Reactor (AMR). These next generation reactors use helium rather than CO2 or water in order to reach temperatures >700oC to generate high grade steam and heat. But instead of those outputs focused only driving turbines and generating electricity, the heat and steam could be piped to Teesside industries which need these ingredients to power their industrial processes. This activity could help decarbonise Teesside industries and help protect jobs as the nation pushes towards net zero.

Posted by EDF

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