Coronavirus update from Hinkley Point C

The safety of the community we work in is of paramount importance to me and the project and I want to  keep everyone in the community up to date with what is happening during these very worrying times.

Today we have introduced some extra measures, which I hope will reassure those of you worried by the local presence of our remaining workers. I know that has been a concern for some people.

Firstly we are requiring our workers who lodge locally to come into our Campus facilities as soon as they can reasonably do so. That will help us concentrate workers on our facilities and out of the community. 

Secondly we have heard concerns about workers queuing for buses in villages where social distancing cannot be supervised. From Monday we will stop buses picking up and dropping off in Bridgwater  and, as soon as possible, we will end village pick-up and drop-offs in other locations. This means workers will gather at our secure park and ride facilities where boarding and queuing can be supervised more easily.

All of these measures are in addition to many others outlined on the website yesterday. At the site we are adapting, learning and improving our social distancing measures and enforcing and encouraging new behaviours. We will listen to you and our workers. Where we can improve, we will. Meanwhile we follow Government and Public Health England advice on how to work and protect the health and wellbeing of everyone connected to the project.

I hope that you will contact me or my colleagues if you have any concerns, your views matter.

Nigel Cann
Construction Delivery Director, Hinkley Point C



Frequently asked questions

For more information on what we are doing to keep workers and the local community safe, please take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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