Hinkley Point C's Welsh connection

Hinkley Point C is a nuclear power station which is currently under construction in Somerset – around 14 miles from the coast of South Wales. Hinkley Point C’s reliable nuclear power, alongside renewables such as wind and solar, will be key in helping Britain reach the target of net zero carbon emissions. It will provide 7% of the UK’s electricity demand, or enough power for 6 million homes.

Welsh industry and people are playing a key role in building the new power station. More than 200 Welsh companies have won contracts on the project, including a £100 million contract with Express Reinforcements in Neath to supply 200,000 tonnes of Welsh steel. Major suppliers are also in Bridgend, Newport and Cardiff and 1,000 of our workers live in Wales.

Wales, its people and businesses are key partners in Hinkley Point C

Over the course of the construction phase we project that:

£700 million will be spent in the Welsh supply chain

3,500 jobs will be created across Wales

Kieron Salter

Kieron Salter is a 21-year-old nuclear engineering degree apprentice from Llangefni, Anglesey.

When Horizon suspended its Wylfa Newydd new nuclear project in 2019, EDF offered places to Kieron and 20 other Wylfa Newydd apprentices to continue their studies at Hinkley Point C.

Kieron is now gaining valuable industry experience on one of Europe’s largest nuclear development projects, and he’s playing a vital role in supporting the future skills needed to help Britain reach net zero.

William Hare

William Hare, based in Risca, South Wales, will be delivering the steel work for the main control room, the turbine halls and the secondary steel work - a contract value that is in excess of £100 million.

When it came to deciding where to develop its new factory, William Hare looked across Europe and the UK. As discussions with Hinkley Point C developed, the company decided that Wales would be the right location for such an investment, which currently stands at around £10 million into the area.

The company is looking to invest even further into the local community by employing more apprentices and full time staff at the Risca facility. With around 60 people already working on the shop floor, William Hare is hoping to almost double that figure.

Vessco Engineering

Based in Bridgend, South Wales, Vessco Engineering was founded to support local industry and specialises in the manufacture of pressure vessels and process equipment.

With contracts totalling approximately £15 million, Vessco will produce pressure vessels and other parts for Hinkley Point C at its factory in Bridgend. The components are the largest and most complex items produced in the area for many decades. In turn, Vessco is supporting other South Wales based businesses with orders to support its work on Hinkley Point C.

The company has employed additional apprentices to fulfil its Hinkley Point C contracts and additional training is helping the workforce gain new hi-tech industrial skills.

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