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Sorry, it looks like your home isn't suitable

Not all homes are suitable for heat pumps. If you answered a question incorrectly and still want a call back about heat pumps, review your answers using the eligibility checklist below and re-enter your information. If not, don't worry. We have other electric heating solutions available.

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A fully insulated home

To qualify for a grant from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme or Home Energy Scotland to help pay for your air source heat pump, homes must have loft insulation and insulated walls. Moreover, fully insulating your property will help your air source heat pump heat it more effectively. If you require additional insulation, we can assist you with that.

Indoor or outdoor space

Outdoor space

In order to install an air source heat pump, we require an outdoor area that is roughly 2 meters by 1 meter in size. It should not be located within 1 meter of your property boundary if you live in England or Scotland, and 3 meters if you live in Wales.

Indoor space

If you already have a hot water tank in your home, then we can upgrade or replace your tank.

If you don't have a water tank, we can install one in a loft, garage, or large cupboard, provided enough space measuring approximately 70cm x 70cm x 2m.

If you do not have sufficient space for an air source heat pump, we can provide alternative electric heating options or a more efficient gas boiler.

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If you rent you need permission from your landlord to go ahead

Our Complete Guide to Air Source Heat Pumps has all the information they’ll need about how heat pumps may potentially reduce heating and maintenance costs and how your landlord could claim a grant to help install one.

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Insulation available on the ECO scheme

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