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PPMID Revenue Collection TSG: Step 6 – HAN join after 2 minutes

Within 2 minutes the PPMID should join HAN. If successful, there will be:

  • A solid Wifi symbol on PPMID
  • A clock on PPMID updates
  • A success triple beep emitted from PPMID
  • Wait for 7 minutes to hear the triple beeps, if it does not work then press 'De-whitelist' and attempt new PPMID
  • When consumption not shown, advise customer to leave PPMID connected/powered on for minimum of 7 days

  • HAN LED is MFF

Having problems? See our Troubleshooting Guide below.


There are a few issues you may encounter:

Wifi symbol fails to come out of flashing status or clock on PPMID does not update

Installer actions to rectify this:

  • Check distance /obstacles between PPMID and Comms Hub and move PPMID nearer to Comms Hub. If this is successful, repeat step 6.
  • If unsuccessful, de-whitelist PPMID1, attempt with PPMID2 and go to step 2.
  • If this is successful, return PPMID1 to pelli-locker as faulty.
  • If unsuccessful, complete PPMID installation as 'Complete - No HAN on customer familiarisation screen’.
  • Return PPMID1 to pelli-locker and leave PPMID2 plugged in on site.