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Gas PAYG L&G TSG: Step 7 – Check status then start physical install

There are a few indicators you need to see before you can finish the physical install and finish the job:

  • Press 'Check Status' until you see the ‘4.1.1’ service request or one after this (full list of service requests below) in the status box on the Toughpad and then you can exchange the old meter with the new meter, remember - SMETS2 Pay as you go meters cannot be installed at height or in areas that the customer does not have 24 hour access to.
  • Once you have finished the physical install, press ‘Check Status’ until you have seen that either 4.1.1’, '4.1.2' or '2.3' service request has been completed.
  • You must wait until you have seen one of these service requests before you press B on the gas meter, this aborts the commissioning mode so that you can carry out the Meter Index Purge.
  • Do not continue until you have seen one of those service requests!
  • The exisiting legacy prepay meter must be cleared down before being removed.


Once you have seen any of the below Service Requests, you can exchange the old meter with the new meter:

  • 4.1.1
  • 4.1.2
  • 2.3

Once you have seen either of the below Service Requests, you press button B on the Gas meter if you need the meter index to purge:

  • 4.1.1

  • 4.1.2

  • 2.3


Failure message received

Installer actions to rectify this:

  • Re-install existing Legacy Prepay meter.
  • if the existing Legacy Prepay meter is damaged or cannot be re-installed, then install a new Legacy Prepay meter.

One final check:

For Smart to Smart Exchange jobs only, proceed to step 8.

Otherwise you can skip this step.