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Elec Credit L&G TSG: Step 5 - Press 'Commission' button

Ensuring ToughPad is connected to the network, press the ‘Commission’ button on ToughPad (within 15 minutes of Electric Meter energisation).

If successful, the TXID (Transaction) Success message will be displayed on ToughPad.

Having problems? See our Troubleshooting Guide below.


There are a few issues you may encounter:

No transaction ID displayed on ToughPad:

Installer actions to rectify this:

  • Check ToughPad connectivity and press 'Commission' on ToughPad. If successful, proceed to step 6.
  • If this doesn’t work, contact TSS for next steps.

Failure message received:

Installer actions to rectify this:

  • Contact TSS for next steps.

Unable to trigger commissioning on Toughpad and commissioning has been unsuccessful:

Installer actions to rectify this:

  • If Single Rate Credit, install SMETS2 GSME and do not leave PPMID on site.
  • If PAYG or Multirate then remove ESME and re-install Electricity. Leave Gas legacy as is and abort the job.
  • If unsuccessful contact TSS.

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