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Wondering how to get a new electricity supply? Let us help you

By Sarah Littley, Senior Account Executive | Posted March 11, 2021


Do you need electricity at your site? If you’re unsure how to get a new electricity supply, let us explain … we’ll make it quick, simple and hassle-free.

Sarah Littley, part of the team here at EDF, explains how you can get connected in our latest video. 


Whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary electricity connection, you need to know who to talk to, what to do – and, importantly, in what order.

Let us explain, we’ll make it easy for you …


Firstly, step 1:

Before you can connect your electricity, you need to talk to your chosen Distribution Network Operator (or DNO) and confirm how much energy you’ll need to run your site.

Your DNO will talk you through your request and estimated costs for any cabling and infrastructure work that might be needed. They will then issue you with an MPAN this is your unique reference number that you’ll need to give to your chosen energy supplier.  You’ll also need to provide your given capacity in kVA (kilo-volt amps), which your DNO will also have given you.

You’ll then be given a schedule as to when the site will be ready to be connected. This timeframe can vary depending on the requirements of the site. 


On to step 2:

Once you’ve been given your MPAN, you’ll need to choose an energy supplier for your electricity contract and then a meter operator provider (MOP) to install and maintain your electricity meter. 


Finally, step 3:

Once you’ve signed your contracts, your MPAN will be registered with your energy supplier.

They’ll contact you with an appointment date for your meter to be installed and get your electricity connected.

Then you’re ready to go.


So, let’s summarise what we’ve learnt:

  1. Discuss your electricity needs with your DNO;
  2. When you’ve got your MPAN, choose your energy supplier and Meter Operator;
  3. Arrange for the installation of your electricity meter.


To find out how we can help you at EDF with useful links and resources, take a look at our handy guide.


To apply for a new electricity connection with EDF, fill out this form.

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