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It is important to pay your energy charges by the due date specified on your bills. By paying on time, you will reduce the risk of receiving any late payment / interest charges and avoid falling into debt.

Payment Support

We are here to support you.

Call us: 0845 302 7113(1) between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Contact live chat: Visit our self-service system.

Select the chat option between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. EDF Energy - My Account login

Energy advice and other support:  Contact us Large business | EDF (


We will contact you by letter to let you know you have an outstanding balance and will notify you of any Late Payment / Interest Charges.

If you need a copy of your invoice - Visit our self-service system EDF Energy - My Account login 

It’s easier and simpler to pay your bills by Direct Debit. Paying bills takes time and time costs money. A Direct Debit reduces your workload (less admin) and helps you to avoid late payment charges as your bills are always paid on time. It also has the potential to save money with access to a wider range of contracts/tariffs.  

If you choose to pay by Direct Debit - Visit

Credit Support

To give our customers certainty, we always assess credit support upfront.

We use the latest available credit scores and where needed, we’ll be in touch to discuss options for credit support.

We’ll ask you to pay an amount of credit support; this can also be called a security deposit.

Given the wide variability in the non-domestic market, we might occasionally use a different approach.


  • A minimum supply period of three months which accounts for the time it would take to de-energise a supply
  • The cost of selling back unused energy to the market in the event of customer failure will be included
  • An agreed credit limit for your business will be deducted from this estimated value


If requested, we’ll review security deposit holdings once a year

If there’s been an improvement to your credit scoring, please get in touch with your Account Manager.

Steps to Collecting Overdue Debt

When your account falls overdue, we will contact you to request urgent payment. Late Payment / Interest Charges may be applied to your account.

We may pass your account to an external Debt Collection Agency / Partner or our Legal Team who may contact you on our behalf.

If we haven’t heard from you and your account is still overdue, we may write to you to let you know we will visit your business premises. If you are not present when we attend the visit, we will leave a Notice of Intention to De-energise your Energy Supply.

We may apply for a warrant from the court to enter your premises and De-energise (Terminate) your supply. You will be charged for costs related to the application and a security deposit calculated based on a minimum of 3 Months Electricity consumption on your current unit rates may be required. If you pay your overdue balance prior to the court hearing, we will withdraw our application.

Smart Meter customers please note a warrant may not be required.

Your Energy supply may be De-energised, and you will be charged for the De-energisation. We may record any outstanding balances that are not paid with credit reference agencies. This may impact your ability to access credit in future.

To Re-energise your supply, you are required to pay the full balance on your account and any additional costs associated with it prior to Re-energisation.