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Why is my first meter reading for my switch estimated?

If you submit your meter reading(s) too early or too late, we have to agree an estimated reading with your previous supplier. We'll also replace your opening meter reading with an estimate if the reading you gave us doesn't look quite right. Your first EDF bill will be based on this estimated reading.

This might happen if you made a mistake when reading your meter. Don't worry – you'll still be able to give us an accurate reading the next time we check in with you. Take a look at our guide if you're having trouble with reading and submitting readings for your meters.

We also use information from your previous supplier to validate your opening meter readings. This helps us check that your readings are in line with your historic data. If your reading fails this check, we'll use an estimate instead.

Can I challenge the opening meter reading you've used?

Estimates are based on your historic data and energy use, so are usually very accurate. But if the estimate we use is very different to what you think your reading should be, you can challenge this.

You'll need to give us two meter readings seven days apart. We'll use these to recalculate your estimate.

It usually takes around three weeks for a challenge to be resolved. We'll update your EDF account with your new readings once they're agreed between us and your old provider. You'll also get an updated final bill from your old provider.

Get in touch if you need to challenge an estimated opening meter reading.