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Why can't I submit my opening meter reading for my switch?

Don't worry! You might not be able to submit your opening meter reading if:

  • You have a smart meter
    We'll automatically take your reading directly from the meter. Once we've taken it, you won't be able to submit a reading manually.
  • We're not ready for it yet
    We'll let you know by email and in MyAccount when we're ready for your reading. It'll usually be one or two days before your switch date.
  • You've missed the meter read window
    We need to add an opening meter reading to your account within five days of your switch. If we don't get your reading in time, we'll agree an estimate with your old supplier. You won't be able to submit a meter reading while we're working on this. Don't worry, you can still give us an accurate reading next time we check in with you.
  • We're supplying you with two fuels
    Sometimes there's a short period of time when we're ready for the reading for one fuel but not the other. If you try again 24 hours after we first asked for the reading, you should be able to send them both with no problem.
    If you have two different switch dates, we'll let you know when we're ready for the reading for each fuel. This might mean you can't submit both readings at the same time.