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What is the Priority Services Register?

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free service offered throughout the energy industry. It's available to customers in England, Wales and Scotland. Read our frequently asked questions for more information.

We can give you extra support and advice when you need it. Some of our priority services include;

•             Getting your bills and letters in large font, Braille or talking bills

•             Making sure your health and wellbeing is protected if there’s a power outage

•             Arrange for anyone visiting you to have a pre-agreed password to confirm their identity

•             Arrange for a smart meter to be installed, or for someone to read your meter regularly if you can't

•             Giving you the support you need to get on top of all your debts and onto all the benefits you are entitled to

You’re only a few steps away from finding out about ways you can get extra support. Just complete our online form and we’ll give you some personalised recommendations.