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What happens if I don't give an opening meter reading for my new home?

It's best to give us your opening meter reading(s) when you first move in. This way we open your account on an accurate reading – and you know you're only paying for the energy you've used.

If you've got a smart meter, we'll automatically take your opening meter reading directly from your meter. You don't need to do anything! If we have any trouble connecting with your meter, we'll use an estimate for your opening reading.

We know that there's lots going on when you move home, so if you forget to take a reading when you move in, we have a couple of back-up plans:

  1. We'll use the previous occupier's closing readings
  2. We'll use an estimated reading if we don't have anything from the previous occupier

Stay safe: please get in touch if you can't read your meter safely.

Do you have a prepayment meter?

Good news! We don't need a meter reading if you have a prepayment meter.