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What happens after I give a meter reading– I pay by Card, Cash or Cheque (Monthly)?

1. You asked me for the meter reading; it was time for my next bill

We normally update your balance in MyAccount straight after you give us your meter reading – and you should get a bill within a couple of days.

Why your bill can take a little longer!

If your meter reading didn't look right for some reason, we need to check it's okay to use. We aim to get your bill to you within five days, but at busy times it can take a little longer.


2. I gave a meter reading; but it's not time for my next bill

If it's not time for your next bill, we simply add your meter reading to your records.

This lets us know the exact amount of energy you've used since your last reading. That means we can charge it at the right price when it comes to your next bill.

So you won't get a bill – and your balance won't be updated in MyAccount either.

Sending a reading after an estimated bill

If you send us a reading just after you've had an estimated bill, we'll cancel it and send you a new bill based on your meter reading.