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What are the non-disconnection hours for electricity meters?

We don't want you to worry about running out of credit in the middle of the night – at weekends or bank holidays.

That's why many electricity prepayment meters have 'non-disconnection hours' at times when it's hard to get to a shop.

If your meter type has the non-disconnection function, you won't get cut off if you run out of credit at these times:

  • Monday to Friday 6pm to 11am
  • Anytime on weekends and Bank Holidays, until 11am the next working day

What to do after using non-disconnection electricity

  1. Top up as soon as you can
    You'll get disconnected if you still have no credit at 11am the day after you used electricity during a non-disconnection time
  2.  Make sure your top-up is big enough
    You'll need to add enough for your ongoing electricity use, and to pay back any debt you've built up (you automatically pay debt back as soon as you top up).

Your debt will include:

  •      Any energy you use during non-disconnection hours
  •      Any missed standing charges
  •      Any missed instalment plan payments
Many traditional electricity prepayment meters have 'non-disconnection' hours – but not all. Traditional gas prepayment meters don't have it all.
But all smart Pay As You Go meters do... so why not get one installed at no extra cost!

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