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Top smart meter myths busted

There are a number of myths out there about smart meters. The truth is that with a smart meter you can keep an eye on exactly how much energy you use. This can help you make small changes around your home, or business, to help you cut your energy use as well as your bills.

So, let's set the record straight when it comes to smart meters.

Myth 1: I'll need to pay to have a smart meter installed

There is no extra cost for the smart meter, or for the in-home display that comes with a smart meter. You'll pay for your smart meter through your energy bill. This is how you pay for the cost of running and maintaining your current energy meter.

Myth 2: The radiation from smart meters isn't safe

Smart meters emit less radiation than your mobile phone, so they're not dangerous to your health. The UK government has published research about smart meters and their safety.

Smart meters we install have been tested by the manufacturers to make sure they're safe. Rest assured that they meet and exceed all UK and EU safety standards.

Myth 3: My personal data and information won't be safe

Yes, it will. Smart meters capture and store data about your energy use. You can choose how often they do this, every half an hour, every day or once a month. The energy usage data that you choose to share with us is handled securely in full compliance with data protection legislation and our privacy policy.

Information about your energy will help us understand how much energy everyone is using across the UK. It's important to know this because it makes it easier to plan the amount of energy we'll need to keep the lights on for years to come.

Myth 4: Smart meters need the internet to work

No, they don't. You don't need to have broadband or Wi-Fi internet to have a smart meter. Every smart meter has its own SIM card. It'll send your meter readings remotely over a safe, dedicated wireless GSM network.

Myth 5: I'll still need to submit meter readings

You won't need to read your smart meter because it's smart! It will take readings for you automatically.

Very rarely, if your smart meter loses connection it may not be able to send us an automated meter reading. If this happens we'll get in touch to ask you to take a meter reading.

Myth 6: I live in a rented property, so I won't be able to get a smart meter

You'll be able to have a smart meter installed if you pay your own energy bills. We recommend that you talk to your landlord before you get a smart meter, to make sure you're not breaking your tenancy agreement.

Myth 7: If I change my energy supplier my smart meter won't work

We only install the latest versions of smart meters. These newer, second generation smart meters will keep their smart functionality if you switch your energy supplier.

You won't have to stay with the energy supplier who installed your smart meter.