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Six reasons why your Direct Debit can go up

1. Your energy prices have gone up
Your energy costs for the year will go up when your prices rise. To keep you on track to pay for these higher costs, we increase your monthly payments.

2. You're using more energy
Maybe you’ve more people or extra appliances at home, or it’s been extra cold. To keep you on track to cover your higher energy use, we put your payments up.

3. You’ve too much debit, or too little credit on your account
This means you’re unlikely to cover your energy costs for the year. To get you back on track, we increase your monthly payments.

4. We used estimated readings at your last review
If the estimated readings were too low compared to your actual energy use, you’ll need to catch up and get back on track. So we put your payments up.

5. We used the wrong meter reading at your last review
Your payment amount won’t reflect your energy use. Get in touch if the meter reading on your last bill and your current meter reading look very different.

6. Your meter's not working
If none of the reasons above apply to you, there’s a very, very small chance your meter isn’t working. Get in touch if you think your meter is faulty.