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Replace an old meter

We’re rolling out smart meters to EDF customers across the country

See if you can get one – and book your installation – go to 'Smart meters' in MyAccount.

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Electricity meter 

Do you have a meter exchange letter?

If it's time for a meter exchange, it means your old meter has reached its 'best before' date. It has to be removed and swapped for a new one. Your letter will be from your energy supplier (e.g. EDF). They'll arrange a time to come out to replace your old meter with a new one.

Do you have a faulty or damaged electricity meter?

We've put together a guide to show you what to do if your electricity meter is faulty or damaged. There's one guide for prepayment meters (not smart), and another for all other meter types.

Get help for a faulty prepayement meter (non smart)

Get help for all other type of electricity meters

Gas meter 

The first thing to do is to speak to a Gas-safe register engineer 

They’ll give you a proposed usage in kWh to work out the size of gas meter you need (U16, U25, U40, etc).

They'll also check whether the service – that's the pipework that leads from the mains to the property – needs to be upgraded.

What to do if your engineer says you need to upgrade your service

You can then contact us to book an appointment to get your meter upgraded.

What to do if your engineer says you don't need to upgrade your service

Please get in touch to book an appointment to get your meter upgraded.

What you need to tell us when you book your appointment

When you contact us to book your appointment, you'll need to tell us:

  • The proposed kWh usage
  • If the service is low or medium pressure
  • The size of the pipe work leading into your property