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My smart meter has stopped giving meter readings – what can I do about it?

Just like your mobile phone, your smart meter can occasionally lose connection to the network. It usually sorts itself out, and starts sending your meter readings again.

But it could be something at home that's blocking the signal – so it's worth checking if you have:

  • Put extra equipment in the cupboard where your smart meter is
  • Moved any furniture that could block the signal
  • Started parking a van outside your house

What happens next...

You don't need to do anything at the moment. Our smart meter team get an alert a week after your meter lost connection. They'll be working away in the background to get you reconnected.

Unfortunately, this can take a couple of months. It's sometimes tricky to work out what's blocking the signal.

While you wait...

Smart Pay As You Go
Even though your meter isn't connected yet, you can still top up. You just have to manually add the credit each time you top up.

Smart (credit)
Your meter will be recording your energy use in the normal way. If it's time for your meter reading, we'll ask you to submit your own meter reading.

How to read a smart meter