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No energy supply or disconnection

I smell burning, or see sparks or smoke...


I still have some electricity...


I have a problem with my trip switches or fuse box – what do I do?

A sudden loss of electricity can happen if your fuse box has tripped.

Your main trip switch might have turned off all your electricity; or it could be that an individual circuit has gone off.

You can usually fix this yourself by opening the fuse box and flicking a switch back to the ‘on’ or ‘green’ position. But please only do this if it's safe.

Having problems with your fuel box, or think it's damaged?
Please get an NICEIC approved electrician to check it for you.

What is a fuse box?

Your fuse box (also called a consumer unit) is where your electricity is controlled and distributed.

It usually contains the circuit breakers in your home. These are a row of levers that will switch off a circuit if a fault develops.

Older fuse boxes might have wired fuses instead of circuit breakers. If there's a fault, the fuse wire gets hot and melts – and this switches off the circuit.